discover new places

We like to travel, laugh, have a good time and above all enjoy our work.

Video and photography, in addition to being our work, are our great passion and hobby. That is why we are not able to go on a trip without our cameras! Costa Rica, Morocco, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the United States, Vietnam, Mexico, Cambodia, Iceland and part of Europe ... All of them have already passed our goals.


We only accept one wedding per weekend. With this philosophy we create Wedding’s Art. We understand that more than one wedding over the weekend, in the long run, will lower the quality we offer, and this for us is non-negotiable.

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fotografo bodas Barcelona | Weddings ARt
videógrafo de bodas Barcelona | Weddings Art



I love animals and nature, traveling and lying in the sun with a book on the beach.

A "café con leche" watching the sunrise from our van, or a glass of red wine at sunset.

But what I like the most are family days with our little Roi, showing him the world and above all learning a lot from him.



I like soccer, music, movies and I am addicted to series.

The first movie I remember is Platoon from when I was 6 years old. I did not understand anything.

I love to travel and get lost in any country without having planned anything. (I leave this to "my partner in love" Anaïs)

My favorite directors: Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch.